This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED

Announcing the first ever TEDx event to be organised at Qatar Academy.

Theme: Learning in the 21st Century
Date: Thursday, June 4th
Time: 2:45 (for 3:00) – 6:00
Location: Qatar Foundation Recreation Centre, Qurm Hall (top floor). For visitors, please enter the Rec Centre at the ATM entrance and go to the top floor, then follow the signs. Here is a map.

TEDxQA Talk Archives - see the outline, watch the slideshow, listen to the audio and watch the video of our 3 guest speakers for this event. Images uploaded to Flickr

Qatar Academy UStream Channel - www.ustream.tv/channel/qataracademy
Archived backchannel
Twitter: TEDx QA
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More information

The 21Century Learners (based in Doha, Qatar) are very excited to host Qatar’s first TEDx event. The event will be held in the spirit of the TEDTalkspromoting ideas worth spreading. We are trying to build a larger local community of knowledge-seekers, so please invite friends and colleagues - new members are welcome. Come join us as we will be discussing new ideas and engaging in mind-blowing conversations. We will definitely inspire each other to make a difference and help shape the future - let's embrace it!

Participants are requested to add their name and details to the online Attendance Form. Also include how many guests you will be bringing, so we can make sure we have sufficient seating, extension cords, and refreshments.
What is your favourite Ted Talk? We need a list we can vote on to determine viewing at the event. Add your ideas to the online form.
Are you interested in presenting a TED Talk? We welcome applications from all participants via the online form. More details on the QA Ted Talks wiki.
Don't forget to BYOL (bring your own laptop and take advantage of wireless network)


  1. Refreshments and Introductions - everyone
  2. Session format - use of a back channel, set up UStream
  3. TEDx Introductory Video (3min 15 sec) http://www.ted.com/pages/view?id=260
  4. Discussion about theme and development of 21C Learners group and why we are holding the TEDx event.
3:20-4:15 VOTE for your favourite TED Talks
  1. TEDTalk #1 + discussion (20 min for TEDTalk + 10 min discussion)
  2. TEDTalk #2 + discussion (20 min for TEDTalk + 10 min discussion)
(Short break)
4:30-6:00 TEDxQA Talks
  1. 'Deeper Leadership' by Dr Dennis Roberts (18 min for TEDTalk + 10 min discussion)
  2. 'Knowledge Net' by Ahmad Alkhatib (18 min for TEDTalk + 10 min discussion)
  3. 'Life as an Open Book' by Jabiz Raisdana (18 min for TEDTalk + 10 min discussion)
  4. Final discussion and plans for future events
  5. Attendee feedback form

Refreshments will be provided, thanks to the generosity of Qatar Academy.
The twitter feed: We have also been advised by TEDx to keep the name and brand separate, therefore please Twitter Tedx QA (with a space in the middle.
Remember: BYOL - bring your own laptop, if you want to backchannel. (And an adapter so you can plug it in.)

NOTE: This is NOT an official TED event, but an independently organized TEDx event. This event is NOT being organized by the TED organization.
This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED